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Some of the nice things people said about Dance Focus and its coaches:

Lucy was fantastic with the kids and gave us parents some time out! Annabelle was still raving about the party this morning, thank you again.

Brianna Clark

Dance Party, Harrow, 20/09/15

Deana is truly passionate about dancing, and he has the ability to share his passion with his students. Not only her classes are productive in terms of learning new moves and technique, but they are fun and inspirational as well. When you see someone who really loves her job, you just can't help joining the dance. What more... she is a great teacher. I've been fond of classical dancing for 10+ years before I tried hip-hop. It was like learning to walk again for me, but Deana was very encouraging and patient. So whatever your background or level of experience is, don't be afraid to give it a go.


Dilara Salikh

Dance Student

I highly recommend Andrea as a Choreographer/Dancer having had the pleasure of working with him and my artists on several occasions, he has always delivered a first class service, made them feel comfortable which is important especially to new artists, Andrea is not only talented but reliable, punctual, flexible and worth every penny he is always my first call.


Jo Wiskin

PR & Artist Management

Max loved the party and Wesley was such a great dancer. The only regret we have is to not have asked Wesley to show us more of his moves! Would definitely recommend Dance Movement, thanks Andrea.


Claire Salin

Dance Party, London, 08/08/15

Sarah was very professional and managed to handle a group of excited 7 year olds brilliantly! Will definitely pass the flyers on to the other parents.


Amy Ingram

Dance Party, London, 04/07/15

Punctual, professional, great dancers, highly recommended.


Cecilia Fazacas

Casting Creative

The first time I saw Andrea was when we all met up before the very first hip hop class in university. It was obvious that the guy was so looking forward to teaching. He got to know the names of the people who showed up for the class, asked what kind of dancing we were used to, where we all came from, etc. etc. The first impression he made on us was we were going to be taught by an incredibly enthusiastic, outgoing and truly professional coach. And we were never proved wrong. He gave us an 'ideal' to work to and encouraged us to do our best. And people did their best, every single time, simply because they were so motivated. 

Andrea never made his class into a contest and never divided the group into winners and losers, Any level, interest, style, anyone's particular craving for a music track - was taken into account and I felt like it was a great place to be at. I truly enjoyed myself and the whole process. 

Andrea had a friendly and amazingly simple way of communicating, which he complemented with the amazing styles he demonstrated, his professionalism and his own peculiar warming-up and cooling-down exercises. It was highest ever level of student-coach interaction which I have ever seen in my entire dancing life (and I have seen looooooots). They were definitely the greatest time in my week and really kept up my mood and strength when I needed energy.


Natalia Fedoseeva

Dance Student

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